Endura Flap® Pet + Dog Doors

endura flap written in black text above red text reading pet doors with dog jumping through a pet door

Do you have a high-energy pet that enjoys being able to come and go as they please? Endura Flap® makes the most dependable, weather-tight pet door on the market. All Pro Dogs is the leading pet door installer and provider in Fort Collins and all around Colorado and Wyoming.

Lifetime Warranties & Durable Materials

These insulating pet doors are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and manufactured right here in the USA. They are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures and keep out the elements with their patented magnetic system, which have been tested to hold off winds of up to 50 mph.

Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient

The Endura Flap® pet door is made of durable, high-quality materials with either a single or double flap. The polyolefin flap is an environmentally-friendly choice and pairs well with the aluminum frame of the door. Our secure magnetic system ensures that the door is insulated and can hold up against the elements while keeping your home energy efficient. These innovative pet doors come in four sizes to ensure the right fit for your pet.

a black and white dog walking through a pet door set against a red wall
endura flap written in black text above red text reading pet doors with dog jumping through a pet door

Able to fit a wide variety of pets, the Endura Flap® is high quality and sports a magnetic seal to provide a secure closure. Being environmentally safe, made in the USA, and many other perks make the Endura Flap® one of the best pet door choices on the market.

The single flap doors work well for smaller pets, and milder climates. The double flap doors are recommended for larger, stronger pets, and are favored for their energy efficiency in more extreme climates that vary between hot and cold. Each Endura Flap® pet door comes with a cover that locks for added security, and can be ordered in a variety of sizes from small to extra large.

If you are looking for a pet door, then make sure it’s one that will last. To hear more about available options, reach out to us today!

Servicing Northern Colorado, Boulder, Denver & Colorado Springs

Based in Northern Colorado, All Pro Dogs services Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. We also service other communities in Colorado and Southern Wyoming! Reach out today to speak to one of our experts about your pet’s needs!