Hale Pet Doors™

hale written in blue above gray text saying pet door with the outline of an elephant above the logo
brown shaggy dog walking out of a hale pet door set in a white door

As a leading pet door installation service company, All Pro Dogs provides Fort Collins and Northern Colorado with exceptional products, including the Hale Pet Door™. With these energy efficient and durable pet doors, your furry pal can come and go as they please, without any fuss. Our specialists will be in and out of your home in no time, so you won’t have to worry about lengthy installation visits. We specialize in quick and budget friendly Fort Collins pet door installation services, with a satisfaction guarantee.

Hale pet doors are great pet doors for dogs and cats, and All Pro Dogs is a leading installer of this great product line. Hale pet doors have a variety of options and sizes for all manner of applications and animals. Pet doors offer freedom and peace of mind to your pets, and allow them to live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. It also can create an easier time of taking care of pets, as they can let themselves out instead of always having to be let our by you or someone in your family. 

12 Sizes Available

The Hale Pet Door™ also comes in 12 standard sizes with custom sizes available. Our smallest size is intended for small cats, while our biggest doors are intended for dogs as big as Mastiffs. That means both your cat and your Great Dane can use the door with ease! The Hale Pet Door™ frame also comes in four different colors; white, silver, bronze, and black to ensure another level of customization in your control.

hale written in blue above gray text saying pet door with the outline of an elephant above the logo

Hale Pet Door’s™ have a durable aluminum frame with steel reinforced corners, nylon weather stripping, and a strong marine grade polymer cover to ensure they stand the test of time. You can have our product installed just about anywhere, whether it be a wall, door, or screen. Not sure? Let us help you decide!

Impact Resistant and Secure

Hale Pet Door’s™ also have an impact resistant security cover and positive action steel dead bolt pin lock for an additional level of security when you’re not home. Since our pet doors are also energy efficient, this means you don’t have to be constantly opening your door allowing heat or cold air to escape, making it ideal for every time of the year, snow or sun!

black lab walking through a hale pet door set in a white door with glass panels

Glass Conversion Pet Door

hale pet door set in a glass panel on a white door as part of the glass conversion installation

The biggest request we see is to have pet doors installed in glass and we are happy to say that the Hale Pet Door™ is designed to go directly in sliding glass doors and single lite French door applications. This model does require a professional pet door installation service specialist, and All Pro Dogs in Fort Collins is more than happy to help.

Servicing Northern Colorado, Boulder, Denver & Colorado Springs

Based in Northern Colorado, All Pro Dogs services Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. We also service other communities in Colorado and Southern Wyoming! Reach out today to speak to one of our experts about your pet’s needs!