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Our cutting-edge products provide tremendous value through the Pet Stop invisible dog fence systems that ensure your pets are safely contained and protected. Another great service value we offer, and perhaps the most important – the electronic pet fence training. In order for the fence system to be effective, it’s crucial your pet learns and remembers the new perimeter created by the fence boundaries.


While other approaches can include painful shocks to avert your dog from their electric fence boundaries. All Pro Dogs utilizes a more efficient method – the Gentlesteps™ approach, a genius new training procedure that integrates our advanced technology with an innovative, delicate training technique which keeps your pet enclosed without hurtful zaps.


This training method is exceedingly gentle and utilizes positive reinforcement feedback with low levels of correction. Pets will optimize their learning of the fence boundaries with Gentlesteps™ while having fun in the process. The result is a livelier, healthier, and securely contained pet!

vizsla_zones400x533Every pet owner knows their pets have a unique personality and learning curve. That’s why the pet fencing experts at All Pro Dogs will tailor the entire training experienced to your animals particular needs while providing the initial fence training to get the process started.


Within two weeks, most pets are fully trained to the fence, and if your pet requires additional training, we can assist your efforts. Contact All Prod Dogs today to educate yourself on our Gentlesteps™ training or reach out if you have any questions.


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