About Us

A One-Stop Shop for all of your dog’s needs!

All Pro Dogs is all about dogs. We’re here for the same reason that you are – because we love dogs and want the best possible lives for them. Our dogs show us love at every opportunity and rely on us to care for them.

We have a high enthusiasm for dogs and their well-being and understand the importance of providing superior products. We work to help strengthen the bond between owners and their pets by supplying revolutionary, trustworthy, and affordable products – along with the education and support to care for pets. Our staff works closely with customers to pair the right dog with the right products for their individual needs.

All Pro Dogs was founded with the idea of supplying the finest underground hidden fences, pet doors, enclosures, training, boarding and grooming. With knowledgeable, experienced, and caring staff, we believe we have the winning combination to help provide a safe and comfortable life for your dog.

Great Customer Service

You’ll find we have excellent customer service, with low-priced products and dedicated staff. We want to improve the quality of life for pets and their owners by providing low cost, high quality, underground hidden fences, doggie door installation, enclosures, training, boarding and grooming.

All Pro Dogs provides Fort Collins, Denver, and the surrounding communities with professional install services in hidden fences, doggie doors, enclosures, training, boarding and grooming.  Please contact us today to learn more!