Outdoor Pet Enclosures

Safe Outdoor Environments

All Pro Dogs is a proud distributor of Habitat Haven™, a healthy and happy habitat for pets. Pet enclosures give your pet a whole new lifestyle, while remaining in a safe designated territory. No need to worry about your pet getting out of the house, jumping the fence and going into your neighbor’s yard. No longer will you have to worry about your pet getting lost or being endangered by other animals. 

With the Habitat Haven™ pet enclosures from All Pro Dogs, you can make your pet’s enclosure whatever size is needed. They can roam your yard in a safe, contained environment— whether it’s a small backyard or a few acres. Please visit the Habitat Haven™ website to learn more about configurations and custom designs for your outdoor space!

Keep Your Cats Safe

All Pro Dogs offers enclosures and habitats for your cat, which will provide a safe, healthy, and happy outdoor environment for them. It’s been discovered that indoor cats live five times longer than outdoor cats, as they are protected from outdoor dangers, such as fights, flights, falls, and predators. Habitat Haven™ cat enclosures are installed to fit the needs of your cat, your house structure, and landscaping. Enclosures can be built for windows, apartments, sheds, shelters, and stores. The cat enclosures are robust, escape free, and no maintenance is needed.

Let our dedicated team design and install the best outdoor pet environment for your furry friend. Not only are they safe, but they are custom made just for you. Contact one of our experts today and begin the design process today!

Servicing Northern Colorado, Boulder, Denver & Colorado Springs

Based in Northern Colorado, All Pro Dogs services Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. We also service other communities in Colorado and Southern Wyoming! Reach out today to speak to one of our experts about your pet’s needs!