Pet Door Installation 

Serving Pet Owners in Colorado and Wyoming

If you’re considering installing a pet door, you may be wondering where to begin. All Pro Dogs is a great place to start. We are Colorado’s leading provider of professional pet door installation, and serve clients all over the area. Whether you are in Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder or beyond we can help.

The benefits of installing a pet door are well worth it. One benefit is that your pet will have the convenience of going in and out of your home when it needs to, which helps lower the incidence of accidents inside and allows your pet to come in from the weather as needed. A pet door is also quite energy efficient because it eliminates the need of opening a main door or a sliding glass door in your home, which lets out an enormous amount of heat or A/C, depending on the season. To keep the outside air outside and the inside air inside, a pet door is the way to go. All Pro Dogs, a leading pet door installation service company, offers PlexiDor® Performance Pet Doors and Hale Pet Doors™ in a variety of sizes.

So if you are looking to learn more about a custom pet door installation in Colorado, please keep contact us today to get started! Looking for professional installation of invisible fence for your pet? We can help with that too! 

Plexidor Pet Doors

The PlexiDor® Performance Pet Doors offer shatter-resistant, transparent panels that quietly and smoothly self-close. With thermos-pane hardened acrylic and edges equipped with industrial nylon weather sealant, they ensure a snug fit in any house door, regardless of its material (wood, fiberglass, or steel). If you’re concerned about unwanted intruders coming inside your home through your pet door, you’ll be reassured knowing that every pet door installation comes with a lock, key, and security plate. Reliable and energy efficient, PlexiDor® Performance Pet Doors are an excellent choice.

Hale Pet Doors

For a simpler alternative, Hale Pet Doors™ are energy efficient, durable, and quick and easy to install. These budget-friendly pet doors come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, all with impact resistant covers for durability. Available in 12 standard sizes (also custom sizes), Hale doors are perfect for the smallest cat or the largest Great Dane. Hale Pet Doors™ can be installed directly into your sliding glass door, for ultimate convenience. All Pro Dogs can help clients with pet door installation in Denver, Fort Collins, Cheyenne and all over Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. 

Endura Flap Pet Doors

Endura Flap® pet doors come in multiple sizes with single or double flap versions. Utilizing a magnetic seal, these pet doors provide excellent insulation from outside weather. These durable pet doors are crafted from environmentally friendly materials with a sturdy aluminum frame, and they are proudly made in the USA. Each pet door comes with a lifetime warranty for normal wear and tear, and doors can be installed in walls, windows, doors, and sliding glass doors. The Endura Flap® pet doors create a highly-safe and flexible entry and exit for your household pet.

Servicing Northern Colorado, Boulder, Denver & Colorado Springs

Based in Northern Colorado, All Pro Dogs services Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. We also service other communities in Colorado and Southern Wyoming! Reach out today to speak to one of our experts about your pet’s needs! For professional pet door installation and repair give All Pro Dogs a call.